5 Reasons Bathroom Bills are Doomed

Many politicians have taken up the mantle of ‘Protectors of the John’ as they try to get legislation passed that will prohibit transgender people from using the bathroom of their expressed gender.  According to these politicians, women and children are at grave risk of being assaulted by transgender people.  They will state that it is a very serious danger and we all have to act immediately to deny transgender people basic human rights.  In some cases they even want to pay people for turning in those illegal transgender peeing folk.  In all Seriousness, there are so many ways these sort of bills will never work.  Here are my top 5 reasons bathroom bills are doomed to be flushed.

5There is more evidence of Bigfoot then there is of Transgender people assaulting folks in the restrooms. To date there is no recorded cases of anyone being assaulted by a transgender person in a public bathroom.  The same could not be said for a transgender person being assaulted by a cis gendered person.

4These bills are unfair to women with short hair.  I kid you not when I say there have been cis gendered women reported for using the bathroom based solely on their appearance.  These false trans flag alerts do happen and non transgender women are being wrongly persecuted by all the discrimination.

3Fully transitioned trans men using a women’s bathroom will confuse children more. Seriously, a trans man with a full beard and tattoos going into a women’s bathroom will cause concern once people realize the full ramifications of a bathroom bill.  You had better get accustomed to beard hairs in your sinks ladies.  Of course you will have to explain it to your children why Grizzly Adams is in the ladies room.

2There is no danger of catching ‘trans’ from a transperson.  Being transgender is a biological condition caused during brain development and is in no way contagious.  A transgender person will not turn your kids trans or you for that matter.  They are perfectly safe.

1To fairly enforce a bathroom bill, you will require genetic screening at every public bathroom. A lot of transgender people who have finished transitioning have had the sex changed on their birth certificate.  Due to this they would easily bypass the bathroom laws unless you implement genetic screening at every public bathroom.  The bad news is that this process takes some time so hopefully you are good at holding it in as your genetic sex is verified to grant you access to a more protected bathroom.

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