A Practical Guide to Killing Transgender People

With all the transgender people getting murdered this year it only seems fair that someone publish a guide for the up and coming transphobic people who would like to make their world a better place, one less transgender person at a time. There are things you need to learn or at least information you need to avoid to make sure you do not waiver from your trans removal intentions. It is a tough path to take and it will require a lot of tunnel vision as transgender education threatens to make you see them as people. If you can follow the narrow convictions I am going to set out for you, you may just successfully kill something.

brainyMost hunters will tell you that you need to know your prey and when hunting wild animals this is very true. When it comes to hunting transgender people, knowing your prey can actually be a bad thing for your hate. If you become aware that transgender people are not a deviant lifestyle choice but are rather created by a biological condition, it sure does make it a little harder to maintain the hate you need. Stay away from the science it will dispel hate with truth. Do not look at the latest research that points to genes found in transgender people that affect developmental testosterone effectiveness and explains why the transgender brain develops differently. Whatever you do, don’t follow this link to some fascinating information on the biological causes of the transgender condition.

Phew, that was close. If you looked at any more of the science you may very well be hugging transgender people instead of putting them in the ground. I would also recommend that you not think about the lifecycle of a transgender person. Do not think about how they began as a child born into any family, which could include your family. That child, you shouldn’t think about, has to struggle with their gender identity from as early as three years old and it is a major source of distress and pain for them. This is especially true if their parents subscribe closer to views much like your own. Don’t let the suffering of a child melt your heart. Be very careful here because once you begin to see them as human beings with feelings it is impossible to take that insight back.

If you are still on your narrow path, you are doing well to have avoided the science and the recognition of them as human beings. The last thing you really want to avoid looking at is how transgender people fit into society once they have been accepted and allowed to live in their true gender identity. If you see some of these well-adjusted contributing members of society, it becomes hard to see them all as the deviant picture your hate has painted. In fact, this image alone dispels much of the principles you have most likely founded your hate on. Without that hate, these transgender people are not transgender people at all, they are just people who happen to be transgender.

I stated earlier that if you followed this guide you would get to kill something. I am true to my word and what you get the opportunity to kill is your hate and bigotry towards people who happen to be transgender. Let go of the false assumptions that prompted you into being transphobic. Embrace acceptance and the realization that you no longer want the world to have one less transgender person but instead it would be pretty cool if the world had one less transphobic person.

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