A Transgender Guide to not Committing Suicide

Currently, on average, approximately 4% of the general population makes at least one suicide attempt in their lifetime.   In the Gay, lesbian, and bi population, that statistic is a huge 20%. Well, it gets much worse for transgender people. The suicide statistic hits a staggering 41%. Close to half of all transgender people have attempted to commit suicide at least once in their lifetime. Many succeed.

The statistics are very scary and they really are a terrible reflection of how far we still need to go before we can honestly say it is better. There has been a great surge of awareness but at the same time there is still a lot of discrimination and a lot of people who fear us and some who even think our high suicide rate is not high enough. I am amazed that there are still people like that in the 21st century. Luckily they are a minority and most people genuinely want to understand us or at the very least adopt a indifference.

Before I transitioned, I was in a very dark place and during a time I refer to as my year of darkness, I made three significant attempts on my life. I am so glad that I failed and I wish someone had talked to me about it, maybe helped me realize that things weren’t as hopeless as they seemed back then. I got through it and I transitioned and I am happy about who I am today. There is no way I could believe that today was possible so many yesterdays ago
Today things really are better and to be a transgender teenager today is a much better prospect than even ten years ago. We are connected; there is help everywhere and so much information. I use to think that I was the only one in the world. I was isolated and that isolation helped to brew the hopelessness. We are no longer isolated. Maybe you don’t have another transgender person near you, but there are oodles of us on the Internet. We are beginning to show up on television and in the movies in a positive way. There are real role models.

This is all just the beginning, the awareness genie is not going back in the bottle because darling I broke that bottle. Our situation is only going to improve and to end the game now would be a shame because you will miss out on the world I see coming for us all.

I see a world where all people are simply people and where our differences are celebrated and not feared. It is a world where people are free to be whoever they are and to love whoever they want. It is a world where freedom is not just an illusion but is a real thriving positive entity. It is a world where we are all proud to be a part of it. It is a world where transgender people don’t commit suicide.

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