Becoming Nicole; Becoming Aware

Becoming Nicole is an amazing new biography, written by Amy Ellis Nutt. about a very unique family that features a very astonishing set of identical twins. The twins are very interesting because one of the twins is a transgender girl and we get to experience her journey as well as the journey of her brother and family as they all come to terms with having a transgender child in the family and the reactions to their family from the outside world. I truly believe that this book will promote awareness and I honestly don’t believe it is possible to read it without cheering for Nicole as you journey with her family.

One of the big things that struck me as I read this book is just how relevant it is to today’s current events and the numerous bathroom bills popping up all over the United States. A key struggle for Nicole and her family in this book centered on Nicole’s use of the girl’s bathroom at her school. The book demonstrates clearly how impactful denying transgender students the use of the bathroom that aligns with their gender can be. It provides you with a great insight into how devastating this basic denial of rights can be to a transgender schoolgirl and her family. The book truly provides an insider perspective from within Nicole’s family.

Becoming Nicole is also very good at allowing the reader to see Nicole as a person. It normalizes the transgender student and that makes it so much easier to relate to her. Seeing Nicole’s struggles, as real ordeals with real emotions, should demonstrate to anyone reading the book just how unjust these bathroom bills are. The book also touches on bullying and not just students but adults and administrations bullying a child. This form of bullying is absolutely wrong on so many levels. Children, whether trans or not, should never be bullied.

This book is more than just a biography. It is a call to action. After reading this book, I am sure you will not support any of these ludicrous bathroom bills. If you are in a State where this sort of bill is being considered, you need to reach out to your representatives and let them know that it is something you will not support and they should not support it either. They may not listen to you but they should as you have the power to not vote for them next time they are asking to keep their elected roles.

Coming back to the book, it is written in a very good way that blends the story with lots of great factual data. The information, which ranges from historical to scientific, works well with the flow of the story and really acts to enhance your understanding of Nicole’s situation. The information segments also will go a long way towards enhancing the reader’s awareness and compassion of transgender issues. One of Nicole’s resolutions in this biography touched me deeply enough to make me cry. This book is well worth reading.

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