Finding Doctor Right

September 21, 2015 Candace Mountain 0

A good family doctor is one of the more important things you need to consider as a transgender person. This medical professional will be your first line for everything from referrals to necessary prescriptions for … [Read more]

The Big Edit

September 19, 2015 Candace Mountain 0

For a transgender person, transition is a very welcome time for them to make many changes in their life. The result on the other end is often quite drastically different from the pre-transition individual who began the process. Hormones, … [Read more]

8 Big Transgender Myths

August 20, 2015 Candace Mountain 0

The general public has many, sometimes disturbing, ideas floating around about transgender people that are simply not true. The opponents to transgender acceptance have done a great job of seeding many of the myths that … [Read more]


August 15, 2015 Candace Mountain 0

There can be a lot of confusion trying to get a grasp on what exactly someone means when they say they are transgender. Most people will assume that it means they identify as a different … [Read more]

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