Fight Bathroom Bills With Bathroom Bills

Allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that aligns with their authentic selves has been an uphill battle. The opponents have done a good job of creating fear around the issue to rally support. Most of the bathroom bill supporters will argue that allowing transgender women to use the women’s restroom will put women and children at risk for sexual assault. They will try to make it seem that they are not singling out transgender people because they insist that pedophiles will pretend to be transgender to gain access to these women only spaces. By creating a bathroom bill, they are closing this perceived loophole. Inconveniencing the small proportion of transgender people in society is a price they are willing to pay to protect women. Despite the fact that this has never been a real issue, there are better ways to close the imagined loophole without putting transgender people at risk.

If women were in real danger as pedophiles and sex maniacs were buying dresses by the dozen, then we would definitely need to come up with a solution to address the problem. It is not okay to put people into unnecessarily risky situations and society as a whole would absolutely be behind finding a well thought out practical solution. This protective measure would still need to deal with the problem without putting any other segment of society at risk. Forcing transgender women into men’s bathrooms is very risky for them and will result in violence against them, without a doubt. As a free democratic society, this is simply not okay.

Of course, in reality, there really isn’t a threat to women’s safety and thus there truly is no need of a solution. However, the alt right has done an amazing job of creating fear and it will be hard to convince everyone that there is no danger from allowing transgender people to pee in the bathroom that matches their gender identify. Outside of converting all bathrooms into all gender spaces, some folks absolutely believe we need a bathroom bill and even the truth is not going to change their minds. I propose that we give them a brand new bathroom bill, just not the sort of bill we currently see being introduced or passed.

The current problem with the bathroom bill is that it targets transgender people and not the pervert pretending to be transgender. The current bills place the target on the transgender person when we should be placing the target on the perpetrator instead. There are already laws against entering a bathroom and assaulting women or children so anyone pretending to be transgender to gain access will still go to jail for the crime they are committing. If we want to stop them from pretending to be transgender to gain access, we need only double the minimum sentence in cases where they do just that. Make the penalty severe enough and they will think twice before they throw on that wig. The real purpose of this new type of bathroom bill is to allay the fears created by the alt right and in all likelihood it will never have to be used.


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