I am Transgender; hear me roar!

One of the things we are always asked is to define ourselves. We all seemed very wrapped up in labeling everything and I carry many labels as we all do. I am not sure how much importance I place on the labels but perhaps more than I think because when you use the wrong label on me I get more than slightly annoyed and I think that is true of many of us. We like to say that labels aren’t important but they are more important that we like to acknowledge. Some of my labels include, woman, writer, author, funny, eccentric, smart, wise, and transgender.

Some people will see the transgender label and instantly decide it invalidates the woman label. Maybe it also invalidates smart and wise too as that lifestyle choice obviously proves that I am not either of them. Lets add a few more labels like liar because obviously if I ever hid being transgender from people I was totally deceiving them. We have to add mentally ill, sinful, and delusional to that list. A few of the more extreme haters may wish to add worthless, victim and pile of ash to the list of labels.

I am transgender and I am about to roar.

labelledThe transgender label does not invalidate the woman label. The woman label is a reflection of my biologically valid gender identity. Being transgender is not a choice so invalidating the smart or wise labels is also unfounded. As for adding labels, the mentally ill label may have been valid 10 years ago before the biological causes were accepted. Being transgender is not longer categorized as a mental disorder. You can argue that I was a liar by omission for not volunteering to folks that I was transgender though that is no longer true so that label is not sticking either.

The final labels from the extreme haters are pretty ridiculous but the reality is there are people that do like to label us that way. Worthless is a terrible label as we all have worth no matter who or what we are. I contribute to society everyday and my taxes pay for everything from the infrastructure you enjoy to childcare. The victim label is also invalid because I assure you that I will never become your victim. You can hurt me, even kill me but I will still not be your victim because I choose to stand in front of you. I choose to stand up and speak for those too afraid of you. I defy you on every level and no matter what you do, that will not change. As for a pile of ash because I should be burned for my great sin of being me, I defy that too.  I will pretty well always defy things born out of ignorance and hate.

betterlabelsI am transgender and I am proud of who I am and I will not let anyone take away from that. We are on the rise and whether or not the world is ready for us they will have to adapt because the shadows are disappearing. Transgender people are linking hands across the world and we only want to join the human race as equals. We want to be a part of society with equal opportunities for health care, employment, and overall acceptance. We do not want to be laughed at; we do not want to be ridiculed. We just want to live and contribute to society and receive the same benefits everyone else does for that contribution. We are transgender and we do roar but it is a roar of wanting and acceptance and it is not something to fear but rather to embrace.

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