Limits? What Limits? I Don’t See Any Limits

We are taught from a very early age to know our limits and it is pretty well ingrained in us that there are limits to everything which includes our potential. I will tell you right up front that the whole concept of limits is flawed and if you want to succeed, I mean really succeed, you need to throw away that concept. Only by retraining ourselves to ignore all of the limits capped on what we can do and how high we can climb, will we truly reach the goals that we desire.

We once believed that flight was not possible. The very ground was our limit and we would never ever be able to join the birds in the sky. Luckily the Wright Brothers decided that limit was pure poppycock. Another limit was that we could never go to the moon. Neil Armstrong has a t-shirt that says ‘been there, done that.’ These limits were broken by technology and the limits we have placed on the possible today will be broken by the technology of tomorrow.

IMG_1609This way of limit induced thinking also applies to people and our individual potential. AS children we are always asked what we want to be when we grow up and we will often reach for the stars with our answers. I want to be president. I want to be a famous actress. I want to be a writer. The last one was mine. The adults will usually then laugh as they internally judge that these aspirations are beyond our limits and thus unrealistic. As we get older, they pass these limits on to us and we put our dreams on a shelf as we accept the self-imposed dampening field on our potential. The rare few say to heck with that and push beyond the limits anyway and achieve amazing things.

In my case I was told I should have a reliable day job, as I would most likely fail as a writer. I was told to remain a boy, because I would never make a good girl. I was told that being a transgender woman would prevent me from becoming a great person. I have been told that it is pointless to be an advocate for transgender rights because nothing will ever change. Lets tally this up shall we. I have a novel on Amazon, another on the way. I am an awesome girl. I am still working on being a great person but I am getting closer everyday. I am changing people and transgender acceptance is growing daily. I don’t have limits, period.

IMG_1424If you put an obstacle in front of me I am going to find a way over, around, or even through it. I do not let anyone tell me I can’t do something. I can be bold and I can push through my own anxieties or the gender dysphoria, as I won’t even let me stop me. I am relentless and failure is nothing more than a learning opportunity.   I laugh at limits though mostly I am just going through the motions for effect, as I do not see those imaginary limits to laugh at them.

I don’t care if you are transgender, cisgender, fat, thin, balding, white, black, old, young, blind, deaf, or any thing else for that matter. Throw away the limits, believe in yourself and just do whatever it takes to get you to your goals. Take pride in your successes and failures and build upon them to advance you to where you want to be. You can do it! Do I need to say that again? You know I will. You can do it!

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