So You Hate Transgender People

There are still an awful lot of people out there who hate transgender people, though the number is much less than it was even five years ago. Blatant discrimination against transgender people is still a very real problem and will most likely remain to be so for many years to come. A lot of people who hate us are usually mired in misinformation or are convinced that their religion condemns us as the worse possible sin since the snake tempted someone to bite an apple. The former is easier to change with education though the religion aspect is a much harder hurdle.

The misinformation in regards to transgender people range from it’s a choice to the fear that transgender deviants are stalking the bathrooms seeking new victims to rape and pillage. Okay, they probably aren’t worried about the pillage part but it just sounded cool so I added it. A lot of the misinformation stems from the efforts of the extreme right who for some reason want to keep discrimination against transgender and gay people at a high pitch. Some of this will definitely filter back into religion and the interpretation of a book that quite honestly has more interpretations than Elton John has sunglasses.

chooseI want to deal with the ‘it’s a choice’ argument that claims transgender people one day wake up and decide that it might be fun to live as the opposite sex. This is absolutely total fiction with more politically right subscribers than most Republican weekly news magazines. I do want to add that not all republicans buy this variety of fiction and I respect the more enlightened right. Also, to be fair, there are some folks on the left too that suffer from the same sort of delusions about it being a choice. The reality is that it is not a choice and most of us fight against who we are for a good portion of our lives before we accept that we cannot change who we are. The science is that there are brain differences in transgender brains that correspond to the gender that they identify with.  Be careful if you mention the science too loudly, extreme rights try to enact a bathroom bill to draw attention away from facts.

The religion aspect is harder to fix as people can become very entrenched in religious dogma. They will often not budge from their position even with science clearly showing a biological cause and proving that it is not Satan tempting another poor transgender person into sin. There are many ministers out there who realize that the Bible has nothing in it that truly condemns transgender people and a book that promotes love should not be interpreted to advocate hate.

hateThere will also be people who hate anything that they don’t understand and some who will hate out of pure fun. The later are usually the ones who escalate things to horrific levels that will often result in a transgender person being murdered. Seriously, killing transgender people or any other group of people is simply wrong. There is no excuse for hate crimes of any kind. I respect your right to hate me and I support your right to feel the way you do. I will offer education to try and help you not hate me. What I don’t support is taking your hate beyond just feeling it. I do not support discrimination of any kind and I definitely do not support violence against any of us or any other groups you may hate too.

If you are a hater, I suggest you take the time to learn more about us, as the information is readily available. If you still hate us after educating yourself I ask that you keep it to yourself and not promote hate to others, especially your children. Finally, I ask that if you want to hurt us, please seek professional help; you have to know deep inside that violence is not an answer to anything. There is no excuse for hate and we all need to move beyond it if we want real peace in our lives.

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