The Transition Puzzle

January 16, 2017 Candace Mountain 0

Most transgender people will at some point decide to transition and it can be one of the best decisions they’ll ever make.  However, transitioning can very much be like a jigsaw puzzle in that there are … [Read more]

Candace: Year One

October 11, 2015 Candace Mountain 0

My first year of transition was filled with many highs and lows though the highs tended to outweigh the lows significantly. The biggest high, of course, was finally getting to fully express who I am … [Read more]

The Craft for Comfort

August 11, 2015 Claire Alanis 0

In celebration to officially having my name changed I decided to write about one of the privileges Cis people often have over transgender folks. This privilege is the fact that trans people often have to … [Read more]

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