The Big Edit

For a transgender person, transition is a very welcome time for them to make many changes in their life. The result on the other end is often quite drastically different from the pre-transition individual who began the process. Hormones, if they chose that route, will have reshaped the body and will often slightly modify the transgender person’s temperament to reflect the new them. Obviously, dressing to confirm their gender will also have a great overall change on the person’s look. Surgery, in some cases, can also be added to the list of changes as it can dramatically change how someone looks. All you have to do is look at Caitlyn Jenner to get an idea of some of what is possible. In many ways, the transgender person is like a character in a book that has gone though a pretty big edit.

There is a lot more to the big edit than just the physical changes. There is a huge behavioral component which is not surprising considering the big changes to their lives. The biggest behavior change comes from no longer needing to pretend to be the other sex, which many of us have had to do to survive. In my case, the boy mask was pretty cheap and I was not good at it. For others, the mask can be much more convincing and these folks really do deserve academy awards for their portrayals. When you transition, dropping the mask can be scary and yet very rewarding as you discover the real you that you have been suppressing for a very long time.

polishMany of us will revert to being kids or teenagers as we learn how to express who we are. Many will go through a second childhood as we discover our styles, learn proper make-up skills, and learn how to relate to the world in a new perspective.  It can be very gratifying to finally meet yourself. Of course, in the process of figuring ourselves out there can be a tendency to cast things or behaviors out because they may be stereotypical of the old presentation. In the big edit it is easy to cut out more than we need to.

In the boy mask, there were a few sports I watched because I liked them and then there were sports that I watched as part of the mask. When I initially transitioned, I pushed all sports away because I perceived them as being stereotypically male and wanted to distance myself from anything that smelled to manly. I came to the realization that I over edited and I realized it was okay for a girl to like hockey, particularly if she was me.  Hockey was comfortable because it was a part of the overall comfort that came from spending the weekends at my grandparents. On Saturday nights, I would cuddle with my grandmother as we all watched the game. This was a very comforting time for me and I get a bit of that feeling when I watch hockey. Outside of hockey, I only really watch figure skating.

The point is that it really doesn’t matter what you like and whether or not is stereotypically male or female. A girl who likes Sailor Moon is no more a girl than a girl who likes to fix cars. There really is no need to compromise what we like because we think it is what other people expect. The truth is that it is okay to be into whatever you want to be into. If any of your friends judge you for liking something that they do not, then you may want to consider editing them out of your life instead of the things you love.

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