The Perfect Transphobic Storm

I have tried very hard to remain as positive as possible in the articles that I write.  However, President Trump may be on the verge of creating a more hostile environment for transgender people in the United States and I cannot remain silent to that.  One of the things that has me worried is that a politically powered perfect storm is developing to possibly incite added violence towards transgender people. This perfect storm could also result in more transgender murders in America than ever before.

President Trump has said a lot of things on the campaign trail and via Twitter which almost come off as an angry person just Spewing whatever thoughts enter his mind.  I have a friend exactly like that and in his case it is just talk and when push comes to shove he always does the decent thing.  I was hoping the new president would be the same way but I am suspecting that will not be the case.  When Trump brought his negativity into his inauguration speech the writing began to become very clear on the wall.  It was cemented for me when the LGBT references were removed almost immediately from the White House website. His commitment to rolling back LGBT rights has never felt more real.

I want to look at a little something he tweeted in October of 2012.  Sure, it is an old tweet but very relevant for the perfect storm scenario I hinted at above.  Trump’s tweet doesn’t sound too bad at first glance other than the death penalty part as I tend to cherish all life.  From that tweet, I suspect he may very well extend the death penalty to pedophiles and this may be a problem.  I have no problem at all locking up pedophiles and never letting them see the open skies ever again.  However, this goes much deeper than just pedophiles and when we bring in the other storm system it will become clear why.

The right have been working feverishly over recent years to get their bathroom bills passed and as part of their fear mongering, they have been linking transgender people to pedophiles.  It has worked and there are a lot of people who very incorrectly think that transgender people are indeed these pedophiles the right is warning them about. Do you see where I am going with this? If President Trump wants to give pedophiles the death penalty, it could incite some of these people towards violence against the transgender community.  It will more than likely result in 2017 becoming a record year in the number of trans murders in America.  it will also see a very noticeable increase in general violence and transphobia directed towards transgender people.  This could be very bad and I doubt anyone can stop Trump if that is truly what he intends to do and all indications are that it is.

Awareness is important because it may be getting more and more dangerous to be transgender in America.  The greatest risk will undoubtedly come to trans women of color and also transgender people who do not possess passing privilege. I do not know how bad the next four years will be for us and the whole LGBT community for that matter.  It just makes sense to be careful and aware of what is happening out there.  Most American’s are onboard with the LGBT community and I hope if this comes to pass they will side with us and not just stand by while this happens.  There are elections in 2018 and a strong message can definitely be sent to President Trump by voting in more pro LGBT and pro trans senators.

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