The Price of Normal

There is a financial controversy brewing over funding for gender confirmation surgeries as more governments and insurance companies add coverage for transgender people. One recent example of this is an inmate in California being provided her operation compliments of the State. There were cries that transgender people everywhere would soon begin committing crimes just to get put into jail for a free operation. Wow, with so many transgender people out there, we were definitely going to have a huge spike in crime. Oh dear, that just didn’t happen. Life in prison is the furthest thing from a cushy stay for a transgender person. It is much more dangerous than even Hollywood portrays it to be. As a result, I can guarantee that transgender people are not lining up to go to prison for free operations.

Of course, my initial example was a little extreme and most opponents don’t go that far with their arguments. They will stick to their concept that the operation is not medically necessary and they will often claim that being transgender is a choice. The suicide statistics easily argue that without treatmentthe suicide rate is absolutely alarming. Gender confirmation surgery is a major part of the medically prescribed treatment for most transgender people. With more than 42% attempting suicide at one point in their life, it is without doubt medically necessary. Untreated, nearly half of all transgender people have the potential to die. Death or a treatment that often includes surgery? With those choices it is clear to see that gender confirmation surgery is indeed very medically necessary.

2000px-No_SmokingThat takes us to the choice argument. It is not an argument because science, as I have mentioned before, has proven a biological case for brain differences in transgender people. Biology is not a choice. Smoking is a choice and guess what? We cover smoking related illness with insurance and State funded medical plans. Smoking will also harm people in proximity to the smoker. Second Hand smoke has been proven dangerous. Transgender people do not produce second hand transgender issues in people near them. Just based on that, maybe you would be better off arguing against funding for smoking related illness coverage.

We have talked about the arguments of the people opposed to funding for transgender people, but there is more that needs to be considered. Transgender people often make a lot less money than non-transgender people. Many of us have a hard time finding work or keeping it once people discover that we are transgender. In many States, it is perfectly legal to fire a person for being transgender. It is clear to see from this that transgender people are not a group of people who can afford expensive surgeries and denying them funding is akin to sentencing them to a fate many feel is worse than death. There has to be a point when we look at this and say it is not something we should do because it is kind of trendy now. This is something we should do because it is the most human and compassionate thing to do. The price of normal should never be out of reach.

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