Transgender 101: All About Boobies

One of the most identifiable areas of a person is their chest and the presence or absence of breasts. Simply put, most women have boobies and most men don’t; we are not counting fat man boob as that is just fat and not really developed breast tissue. In the case of a transgender person, this is a huge area of importance. It is easy to understand that Trans women want them while trans men want to get rid of them. Hormones and surgery can definitely help both achieve what they are hoping for, though in the case of trans men it is a surgery only option.   This article is all about the quest for boob alignment with one’s gender identity.

One of the first aspects of transitioning is dealing with your chest. Trans men will often bind their boobs, sometimes painfully, to get the characteristic flat male chest. Other than binding the boobs, there are not a lot of options for trans men other than surgery. Trans women, on the other hand, have more options than trans men.  These options include fake boobs, hormones, and breast implants. For a trans woman, fake boobs are the first staple in the quest for correct gender boob alignment.

Fake boobs come in almost every imaginable form from stuffing a bra with thinks such as toilet paper or even socks all the way up to the more expensive option of silicon breast forms. When I transitioned, my initial concern was for feel because I wanted something that would feel boob like it someone bumped into me.  I also wanted my fake boobs to have a more natural movement which would need something heftier than socks. I settled on water balloons for many reasons. The water would warm to my body temperature, they would have weight, and I would use the tie as a nipple. in hindsight, this was a terrible idea and I have no idea how I managed to not have a disaster with a breakage. I did buy jumbo balloons so that they would be more durable and reduce the change of breakage. I also changed them every three days as I was always worried about them breaking. Breast forms would have been a much better choice but at the time I didn’t even know they existed.

earlyT2The next phase of my transition was the introduction of female hormones. Hopefully, the hormones would cause me to grow boobs big enough that I wouldn’t require surgery. The thought of silicon or saline implants didn’t sit well with me. Only time would tell, as boobs don’t just sprout overnight. It was about a month into hormone therapy that my breasts became very tender, which was awesome as I was well on my way towards achieving what I hoped for. The interesting thing is that I was also beginning to severely restrict food, as my struggle with anorexia was about to begin. I truly believe that this slowed down my boob growth. The development slowed but did not stop and soon enough I found the water balloons to be too painful and I switched to minute rice tied up in nylons. The nice thing about the rice was I could keep taking rice away to compensate for my own growth.

About 6 months after starting hormone therapy I discarded the fake boobs and even though they were a little small, I went with my own. It was a huge rite of passage for me and I was absolutely elated to finally go out with my own pair of boobies. Once I got past the eating disorder, they began to grow again and they reached an acceptable size so the implant option never was in play. I am so glad about that as it is nice to know that they are natural. Sometimes I want to tell people that they are my own because I kind of worry that they see the size and assume I had implants. If any of those folks read this article I guess I did just tell them.

Some trans women are not happy with the results and do opt for implants or they are impatient and don’t want to wait for them to grow. There have been cases where the implants have had to be removed once a trans women’s full growth from the hormones made everything way too big. Some are happy enough with them being too big. I like mine the size they are. Trans men almost always opt for top surgery to remove their boobs to establish a new boob-free zone.  Whether trans woman or trans man, a properly gender aligned boob landscape is a huge source of pride and self-self-confidence.

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