Transgender Humanity

I am sitting here staring at my keyboard wondering how in the world I can put into words the devastation that is the lack of transgender humanity. I once heard someone use this term instead of equality and it makes perfect sense in the state we are currently in. How can we expect equality when we still haven’t even achieved humanity? Too often transgender people are pushed to the curb because in many ways we still don’t exist, and it’s still ok to be treated like something less than human.

So far, in 2015 alone there have been over nine transgender murders, all of which have little to no media coverage, and when there is coverage the person is typically sexualized, misgendered, and are often assumed to be sex workers without even bothering to learn the facts. People aren’t taking the time to find the truth because they simply don’t care to. It’s just another “man in a dress” kind of situation. This sort of thing is still allowed because high-powered officials who can do something about it are even joining in on the discrimination. If they are doing it then it will certainly influence others to feel as though there’s nothing wrong with it. We even have situations where their own parents have murdered their child just because they refused to accept that they are transgender. In less extreme cases people are becoming homeless due to the lack of understanding

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.36.33 AMWhile trans people are being murdered simply out of hate we are seeing lawmakers proposing bathroom bills to make the discrimination even worse. Several states have already proposed these bills and they will make it so that we have to use the restroom of our birth sex rather than our gender identity. Can you imagine someone like Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox being forced to use the men’s room simply because some cisgender politician still thinks trans people are predators? They believe this nonsense is right even though there has never been a reported case where a transgender person has assaulted someone in the restroom. These are delusions thought up by the corrupt minds of the people who refuse to accept us as human beings. I honestly fear for my safety every day of my life and I would hate for it to be worsened by having to decide between being arrested, or being attacked just so I can go pee.

The thought of being arrested also terrifies me because not having the money for gender confirmation surgery, if I’m arrested, that’s a one-way ticket to a men’s prison. Even though I present as a woman this is considered the standard of practice. I wonder how long it would take for someone such as myself to be sexually assaulted in a men’s prison? I guess I could solve that problem by allowing myself to be put under protection, (solitary confinement), which is a punishment for the other inmates but is often the solution in these situations. Being there for too long can have long-term effects on one’s mental health but yet this is still ok to put us through?

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.36.49 AMAnother example of our lack of humanity is the way our health care system is set up, especially here in the United States. Too often trans people are turned away for care or are belittled and made to be afraid because the stress of finding a doctor who doesn’t discriminate can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So far I have been very lucky on this front but there are many others who are less fortunate and are suffering because of it. Too often people are avoiding doctors’ visits because of this. Being afraid to get help when you are sick is not ok! Allowing people to treat us like animals is not ok!

The sad truth is… even once we gain our civil rights we will still face the backlash of the slowly declining oppressors. As we make our way to the finish line they are starting to get nervous. The fear of defeat will make them do anything to hang on to their pride by making it even harder on us. We need everyone’s support. We need to be there for each other and not let these things get out of hand. Even if you aren’t transgender, stand up for someone who is. Don’t be on the wrong side of history. Transgender humanity is upon us and we need as many voices as we can to be heard. I want to go to sleep at night knowing that this new generation of transgender kids will have nothing to be afraid of other than the facts of life outside their gender identities.

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