Transphobia: A Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume

Over the past weeks I have been hearing a lot of talk of this Caitlyn Jenner costume that was coming to stores. At first I refused to believe that this could actually be a real thing but I guess my faith in humanity has been a little high recently. This costume is very real and is already available to purchase. After seeing such a transphobic exploit I can’t help but feel sick. This costume is going to cause a lot of issues, not only for the transgender community, but for others who are trying to better understand us and embrace us.

One of the main reasons this is problematic is the influence it will have on the people who may have been realizing how wrong all this discrimination has been against us. Seeing a store carrying this costume and imploring you to laugh about it is just going to reinforce people’s already harmful hatred. This will encourage it so that it’s ok to laugh at Caitlyn and other trans people, and for what, just for being themselves? I know a lot of folks wont see why this is such a big deal but I hope that we can change their minds by speaking up about it and explaining why it is so offensive.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.15.54 PMLet’s think about the people who are questioning their genders and those who don’t have any form of communication or support to help them figure this stuff out. A lot of these individuals are turning to the internet and television for influence. Caitlyn herself, is probably a huge influence on some of these people. Seeing this costume could easily force someone to go back into hiding out of fear. Hiding and isolation isn’t good for most of us and we need all the support we can get. There is nothing funny or appropriate about this costume.

We are in such a struggle to gain acceptance from the rest of the world and things like this can set us back, even after all the progress we have made. Allowing the transgender community to be mocked through this horrible product is extremely harmful to us. Seeing this costume will surly trigger people and with the already outrageous body count this year for transgender individuals this is not going to make it any better. This is why we need transgender awareness. This is the reason why a lot of people feel like we aren’t human beings. I will not sit back and take this. As long as I am able I will speak out against such disgusting acts of transphobia.

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